We live today in a world where gadgets rule our lives. Try living without your iPhone or Android for more than a few hours. Cut off from texting, sexting and other all-consuming behaviors. Its close to impossible – especially for today's youth. They are hooked on having 10,000 songs ALWAYS in the palm of their hand. They expect to have feature films, viral videos and every bit of information that Google can offer within one press of the "Siri button". Encyclopedia what?

The question is: are we better off because of all of this technology? DVR video servers, streaming movies, flat HDTVs and beyond? Are printed books sometimes better than digital ones designed for your iPad or tablet? I guess they all have their place but there is no getting away from our increasingly digital lives. How can we make our digital lives more meaningful and enjoyable. Here are a few tips…

Get a Good Set of Headphones

best HeadphonesYou got 9,200 songs on your Android and could put more on there if you ever got around to it but you are listening to earbuds? No you aren't. Invest $100 to $200 on some proper in-ear monitors or rock-solid travel headphones. Bowers & Wilkins, B&O, Focal, Paradigm – all good brands. Avoid the hyped up brands like Bose and Beats Audio as they are more marketing and fashion than audio performance. Check out reviews of all of the top headphones here. Buy great headphones at CuratedHeadphones.com.

Buy Some Printed Books – And Read Them…

First Edition HobbitThere is something calming about reading a good, old-school book versus one on your iPad. Consider how much time we spend looking at our phones, tablets, computer monitors and or video screens and perhaps our eyes could use some time off from glowing screens? Not forever but for an hour before bed perhaps?

Only Seek Technologies That Benefit Your Life

Toshiba Ultra HDWhen spending money on tech products – ask yourself how will this product benefit your life. Seriously – all tech products aren't created equally. If you are a movie buff is watching a movie in the new UltraHD format going to make your life better? It sure could? If you are a fantasy football fan would getting DirecTV's Genie DVR-server make your Sunday's more meaningful with every out-of-market game at your finger tips? You bet it would. Avoid technologies that plague you with tech support calls, trouble and grief (Yes, Microsoft – I am talking about you). This just isn't going to make your life better – just more complicated.